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Why Full Stack Development is Trending in 2020?

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“Profitability is coming from productivity, efficiency, management, and the way to manage the business.” With the advent of 2020, the age of technology is expanding and taking a sharp leap. The client is having a less time and plethora of opportunities. In this fast-moving world being uptight is the least anyone could do and that’s where the concept of full stack development lies.

Full stack development: It refers to the development of both front end and back end portions of web application. The front end refers to the visible portion of a website or an application, so basically it deals with the user and know-how of HTML, CSS and Java script. On the contrary, back end refers to the part which deals with the data base, order handling, user authentication, etc. in crux, we can say that it deals with the server and lay the essentials for the application or websites and know-how of PHP, C++, etc

The demand for Full stack developer is increasing day by day. US Bureau of Labor statistics foretells that by 2024, full stack development will rise from 135,000 to 853,000. In the Oscon Conference 2019, Facebook asked for the full stack developer only for the recruitment. In an era of start-ups and new models, client want to deal with the single person whom he could rely upon, with whom he could approach with gusto and not having any black box. And definitely, do not want to waver between the front end and back end developer. Though many say that a full stack developer is a jack of all and master of none, which is also true, as a developer wouldn’t have much knowledge on both the prospects. However, he is having the skills and could pave a way out in case of any trouble with the help of several streams of a web and app development.

A full stack developer is someone who is having an endless thirst of learning as this job continuously influences you to learn new things. As mentioned Earlier, that the technology is developing enormously, hence new languages, libraries, and frameworks are something to be dealt with regularly. Though Java Script is something common for a developer but Node, JS Angular, React, etc. is maturing, and hence laying new workouts for a developer. Also, for being a developer of particular portion and working for the same might be boring to some extent, hence it’s better to upgrade and learn. There are many online courses available for the same which will definitely yield good results.

Enumeration is another thing which just weighs more in this order. According to Cut short (Salary analyst), In INDIA, the average salary that a full stack developer gets is 6.25 Lakhs per annum. A person having an experience of one to two years is offered salary of 3.7 Lpa to 5 Lpa. An experience of 4-6 Yrs. Gets 6.8 Lpa to 9.2 Lpa and for more than 8 Yrs. a person of high skills is offered 22 Lpa.

As the demand for Full Stack Development is high, a person could also work as a freelancer and hence it provides you an opportunity to work according to your wish instead of being under someone’s domain. The value of Full stack developer is gaining the gravity due to their diverse coding skills. Instead of hiring two to three coders, organization would prefer to have one only with whom they could work entirely. The job is not only promising but deals with the variety of options which make it well paid also.

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