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Application for City
Courts in React

Azure-hosted Application for City Courts in React

The proposed application is a controlled-access system designed to facilitate information sharing between local court systems and referral sources and Correctional Facilities.


The Correctional Facilities offers a wide range of community based correctional programs and misdemeanour probation and pre-trial supervision.

  • Facility’s Client base 🡪 5,000+ annually.
  • Scheduled service to sync the data between Core DB and Azure SQL DB
  • Document management with Roles and Permissions
  • Supervision and treatment services designed to -
    • Reduce jail overcrowding.
    • Teach responsibility.
    • Keep indigent offenders out of jail.
    • Permit non-dangerous offenders to retain employment.
    • Save the taxpayer money.


  • Replication to sync the data between Core application and the City Court Application.
  • Code Rewriting for conversion from MVC to React
  • Implemented file upload and download from Azure using blob and block storage.
  • Implemented redux-store to store currently logged-in user-related data.
  • Js.PDF is implemented to print PDF documents
  • Implemented Routing for API Calls.
  • Material UI is implemented for Grids, Notifications, Transfer List
  • Vertical and horizontal tabs to showcase a larger amount of data in lesser space
  • Implemented third party API like google maps,

Project Screenshots

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