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Peer to Peer Car
Sharing Application

Peer to Peer Car Sharing Application

The proposed application is a peer-to-peer car-sharing application that allows car owners to list a car and renters to rent a desired and available.
There are two main user groups related to this application.
Car Owner
Car Renter


  • Verification of customer accounts
  • Listing a Car
  • Renting a Car
  • Booking a Rental
  • Advance search filters for car type, price, mileage
  • One touch key-free car unlock
  • Navigation to the pick-up location
  • Fleet management for multiple vehicle offerings
  • Integrated Messaging module
  • Multiple payment gateways integration
  • Track daily bookings & earnings
  • Distance and Location Management
  • Ratings, reviews & feedback mechanisms


  • Implemented Auth for login/register.
  • Implemented redux for state management.
  • Communication between nested components using props.
  • Implemented Google Maps for showing vehicle location and directions from renter location to the owner’s location.
  • Implemented vehicle comparison page.
  • Implemented clean architecture for code separation.
  • SPA using react-router-dom.
  • Private route component for anonymous access.
  • Called APIs using fetch or Axios.
  • Created common components, layout components & Higher-order components so that we can use them anywhere in our application. It provides us reusability.
  • Used third party libraries for sliders, modals, toaster, date picker, charts, image dropzone, rating etc.

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