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Component Form

Component Based Form Builder

As full stack developers we have been working to provide a control that can be included in any application, where there is a need for a flexible form builder that will allow them to collect information.


  • Form Builder with Drag & Drop functionality
  • Layman can create templates and forms from the template
  • Build as component library, can be added as a component in any Asp.Net application
  • JQuery/Ajax call for fetching and posting the data without post back.
  • Controls- text box, select box, multiselect box, checkbox, dropdowns, radio buttons
  • Editable element properties (like name, class, label)
  • Option to Preview and edit
  • Versioning of the templates is maintained
  • The templates and form data are stored in XML format
  • Layout elements
  • Form controls
  • Date picker, Time picker
  • Dropdown, List box, Radio list, Checkboxes binding to a list


  • WebAPI based n-tier Architecture implementation using the Database First Approach
  • Implemented XML based custom forms and fields architecture
  • Azure hosted client side application using Azure Services
  • Devops for CI and CD using Azure deployment.
  • CLR Implementation In SQL.
  • Syncing of data between core and client side application using CLR
  • Checking API request and Response using Swagger tool(API Documentation from Sync Log screen)
  • MS Word forms with data merge

Project Screenshots

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